There are 900+ stocks listed in Malaysia, 700+ in Singapore, and tens of thousands more worldwide.

The question is, ‘How do you pick the top 30-50 stocks worthy of being studied and be more efficient in our stock investments?’
One of the ways I do this is to use WebPro by ShareInvestor.

Thus in this webinar, we featured YJ Foo and Heidee Ahmad, Product Specialist Manager and Product Marketing Manager of WebPro by ShareInvestor. They will share how we can use its features to save time and effort on studying stocks before investing.

  • How to Use ‘Market Screener’ to Select the Stocks You Want to Invest?
  • How to Use ‘Smiley Grid’ to Have a Quick Overview of Your Stocks?
  • How to Read ‘Consensus Estimate’ and the C2 Chart of Your Stocks?
  • Other key features and Q&A


Financial educator, author and trainer

    5 replies to "WebPro: Using Analytics to Empower Your Investment Strategies"

    • Gnanaskanthan Sathianathan 

      Hi mr.kc we the members paying 99rm per month and on top we need buy this?

      • KCLau 

        WebPro is provided by It requires a separate subscription because it is a different service from the Premium Webinar Membership you signed up here.
        You can buy WebPro at the full price here:

        However, you can get a discount through our arrangement. The extra 1 month bonus has expired on 15 May. But you can still sign up at a discounted price.
        Use this link to make payment:

        Please wait 1-2 working days for your order to be processed. As we will need to submit your order to ShareInvestor manually.
        Then they will send an email to you with your login details.

    • Gnanaskanthan Sathianathan 

      Today 16th so how can buy webpro

    • Gnanaskanthan Sathianathan 

      Thank you mr.kc lau manage to order and made payment. Wait for them to send

      • KCLau 

        Thanks for your payment. We have submitted your order.
        Let us know if you don’t get the login details by Monday evening.

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