The following is an excerpt of a typical conversation with an insurance agent:

Agent: Do you have insurance?
Client: Yes, I have.
Agent: What does it cover?
Client: Everything.
Agent: Do you have a medical card?
Client: Yes, I have. In fact, it covers life, TPD, accidents and critical illnesses.
Agent: Wow. How much do you pay for yours?
Client: I’m paying RM 150 a month. After all, it’s just RM 5 a day.

RM 5 a day. That is all you need to get everything covered. Is that true?

Well, as a former life insurance agent, I would say ‘Yes, it’s true. You can enjoy a package insurance deal with just RM 5 per day.’ It’s more about affordability than practicability in areas of wealth protection.

Such a policy is okay as a start. But, there is a need to progress from there on.

Here, we have Ms. Tan Hooi Chee, CFP with Fin Freedom Sdn Bhd to share her latest insights on medical and life insurance matters.

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