Conventionally, a trust is a tool designated for estate planning.

For instance, if I wish to bequeath to my son an inheritance of RM 1 million and I prefer him to receive this sum in annual instalments over one lump sum, I will set up a trust fund.

But lately, I find that trust is increasingly being associated as an investment that could offer high returns and much less as an estate planning tool. While yes, it’s possible to instruct my trustee to invest my RM 1 million in the trust fund. Technically, it should involve professional fund managers. Like other investments, you will expect them to carry risks and are not capital-guaranteed. The returns are subjected to the performances of these investments.

My friend, Evanna Low, has done the research, due diligence and fact-finding on these recent cash trust products. So I invited her to share her findings on those trust products that offer unusually high returns.


  • Where can you find the reliable data e.g. SSM & eKehakiman
  • Real Life example: 15% V Trust Investment Product
  • Court Cases where investors lost money
  • List of high return trust products in the market now
  • How to protect yourself as investors or financial planners

Video 1: Introduction


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