Unit trust is an affordable and convenient vehicle, which offers retail investors a chance to gain exposure in a portfolio that is managed by a fund manager. As of now, there are tens of fund management houses which offer hundreds of funds that invest in a mixture of asset classes: bonds, sukuk, equities … etc locally and worldwide.

So, the questions are: ‘How to go about choosing the best of breed Unit Trust funds?’ and ‘Can investors really beat the market by investing in unit trusts, or is it a myth perpetuated by the financial industry?’.

As such, I have invited Yap Ming Hui, the leading authority in holistic wealth management to talk about:

  • Debunking common misconceptions of unit trusts
  • Top 3 pitfalls to avoid when investing in unit trusts
  • 3 key strategies to unlock the full potential of your unit trust investments.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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