The year 2023. We are just coming into the recovery and stability phase for COVID. Things are looking up to be positive again with air travel soaring and the hospitality finally coming back to its feet.

However, a looming recession seems to be on the horizon and central banks around the world keep raising interest rates to curb the inflation or even hyperinflation in some countries.

The Russian-Ukrainian war doesn’t still seem to want ot abate, making Europe in a bit of a limbo to try to recover itself economically. With all these variables, how do an investor build an everlasting portfolio that will be able to “bear” the stress of such a global and volatile market.

John Huo, Founder of VUCA Insights shared his thoughts on :

1. What is VUCA and are we living it now?
2. How to Invest in an Era of “Hard Money” vs “Easy Money”?
3. How to determine longevity in businesses that can maintain market share and grow amidst a recession?
4. What are the Industries/Companies that are poised to benefit in this new era?


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