Imagine this.

The time was 9 pm. You’ve arrived home after a long day’s work. You took a nice bath, wore your pyjamas, fixed Milo and finally, you chill on your sofa as you catch up on the latest episode of your Korean drama. And that was when …

Drip. Drip. Drip.

You’ve noticed there are little droplets, dripping from your ceiling. You’d placed a bucket after mopping the floor, you took photos and a video on it, and feeling annoyed, you walk up to the unit above yours and confront your neighbour on the issue and guess what …

The neighbour dismissed the issue and told you to fly a kite.

What then could you do?

The above is a common problem faced by people living in highrise buildings. The good news is you have the Strata Management Tribunal to help you resolve the issue.

During this webinar, Mr Ng Wei Aik, a Registered Property Manager who is also a Commissioner for Oaths shared everything you need to know about Strata Management Tribunal.


  • The Functions of Strata Management Tribunal
  • The Common Problems Filed to the Tribunal
  • Who Can File a Claim Through the Tribunal?
  • The Procedures of Filing Claims and Counterclaims
  • How to Execute the Tribunal Award?
  • Can the Tribunal Award be Challenged?


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