Here are the highlights of our discussion:

– Why Ian Prefers S-REITs over REITs listed in Malaysia?
– How to Assess the Quality of a S-REIT’s Property Portfolio?
– 2 Valuation Techniques to Evaluate a S-REIT deal.
– How to Calculate Net Dividend Yields of a S-REIT before Investing?
– Discussing Ian’s Latest Investment in a S-REIT

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

Ian Tai is the founder of, a platform that empowers retail investors to build wealth through ownership of fundamentally solid stocks. It is an essential tool that sifts out stocks that grow profits consistently from a database of over 900+ stocks listed mainly in Malaysia.

    3 replies to "5 Steps to Evaluate a S-REIT Deal from Scratch"


      Hi KC and Ian,
      How can i purchase the S-Reits shares from Malaysia?Any online trading platforms?


      Hi KC/Ian,
      Nice step by step coaching. Any chance to share the excel spreadsheet ?

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