James is a corporate trainer who offers his training services to SMEs via his training firm. James is always busy, working on proposals, finding new clients, preparing training modules and finally, conducting them professionally. Thus, his schedule is always packed as he is occupied with his training activities.

Lately, James met up with Jane, his accountant.

Jane handed James the financial statements of his training firm and briefed him on it. James is confused when Jane tells him that the firm’s financial health isn’t in good shape at all. This is because James felt that he is doing great as he has secured many clients and has conducted many training sessions. James thought to himself, ‘How is it possible for the finances of his business to be in bad shape despite raking in increasing revenues?’

Like James, if you are a business owner who is not financially savvy, please read on.

Here, I have invited Ms. Annie Wong, a Financial Coach cum Trainer, to help non-finance based business owners to interpret the numbers so that you can understand the real financial situation of your business. Therefore, you can make better informed decisions to improve the business as a whole.

Content of the webinar:

  • Profitable Business: Easier Said than Done
  • Business Acumen, Accounts and Financial Literacy
  • Learn to Analyse Finances under the baSIS framework
  • Business Health Analysis – Vertical / Horizontal
  • 5 Indicators to Check The Financial Health of Your Business



Financial educator, author and trainer

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    • Louis Liew 

      hi kc

      can i get the excel sheet and the horizontal and vertical financial position sheet from you…


      • KCLau 

        Are you able to get the files through Annie’s link?
        If not, send me an email to request.

        • Louis Liew 

          which email shall i sent to….

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