Value investing is an art of building long-term wealth via accumulation of assets (stocks and properties) at discounted prices.

I had been practising value investing for years and I had certainly attained some investment success from it. As I reflect back, I realised that a part of my journey as an investor is shaped by continuous learning from other value investors, who have different viewpoints on this subject despite adopting the same principle in investing. Thus, previously, we have featured value investors such as Ian Tai and Rusmin to talk about dividends and Stanley Lim to focus on growth.

In this spirit, we have got Shane Choo, a seasoned local investor and trainer of thousands. We will dive it deep into Shane’s brain to dissect one of his stocks that he previously invested to find out:

  • Why did Shane buy his stock?
  • How did Shane come to his investment decision?
  • What happened after Shane had bought his stock?
  • How much did Shane gain from this investment?
  • What are the lessons we could all learn from Shane’s investment?


Financial educator, author and trainer

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