Since graduation, Adam has landed a job and has been working with a company. His employer has provided Adam a corporate medical insurance plan, which offers adequate coverage on any hospital or medical bills, when incurred at any future point in time for as long as he remains its employee.

So, does it mean that it is unnecessary for Adam to get his own medical card?

In this webinar, we have brought back Malek Ali, the Founder of Fi Life, Malaysia’s first online insurance platform to discuss anything under the sun related to medical insurance.

Here, we answered questions like:

  • Do I need a personal medical card if I already have one with my company?
  • Do I need a personal accident plan / other life plan if I have a medical card?
  • 4 things to take note of when purchasing medical insurance.
  • Standalone medical cards vs Medical cards tied to investment-linked policies.
  • Life demo on Fi Life’s online insurance platform


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