Many investors are actually speculators.
They bought shares of public listed stocks like betting on a casino table. The webinar is to prepare you to become a true investor.

By knowing these principles, you will:

  • reap the benefits of sustainable stock profit growth
  • buy a stock without the fear of seeing the price goes down
  • stop speculating on rumours, gossip and even analyst’s buy calls

Eventually, you will discover the truth about wealth building through long-term stock accumulation.

In the video, I show you:

  • The three benefits of long-term investing
  • The three reasons why value investing works so well
  • How to differentiate speculating activities versus real investing
  • The three criteria of successful investing
  • The definition of the margin of safety
  • The simplest form of valuation


Updated 2018. We no longer get huge discount from ShareInvestor. Therefore the price is now RM350 for local Malaysia stocks and RM550 for global stocks data, still some discount nonetheless.
ShareInvestor WebPro (Malaysia) Offer RM350/year
ShareInvestor WebPro (Global) Offer RM550/year



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    11 replies to "Essential Principles That Ensure Stock Investment Success"


      Good evening, KC.

      Good sharing from you. However, I only managed to finish this recorded video and REIT 2.0 video tonight. I miss twice on bursaking platform offer. I already a webpro subscriber. I would like to add Bursaking online platform as my analytical tool. Is it possible to get Bursaking RM297.00 offer again? I can be approached at email address, or

      Thank you.


      • KCLau

        Hi David, I’ve informed Ian to contact you in order to extend the offer to you.


      Thank you, KC for your helping hand.

    • scyong

      i already join PWM .
      why the video play half way & stop?
      how to unlock it?

      • KCLau

        Hi SC, you need to login first.
        Then you will see the full video, plus all the download links below it.
        Your username: scyong

        • Woei Shin Yeoh

          Hi KC, I think there’s bug somewhere which sign out the user whenever they visit a certain webinar. This particular one and also the TVM calculator’s webinar.

          • Woei Shin Yeoh

            P.S. It’s temporarily solved once i commented on it. But it revert back to non member view when I refresh the page.

            • KCLau

              The browser is loading the cache page. So a hard refresh will solve it.

          • KCLau

            Hi Yeoh, thanks for informing the issue. You are not logged out automatically, just need to hard “refresh” the page.

            Please follow this procedure to see if your problem is solved:
            1. Login first at: (check “remember me”, so you don’t have to login again in the next 30 days)
            2. Visit the page with the training video.
            3. If it is still showing the short video, hit the “refresh” button, or “Control”+”R” button, or “CTRL”+”F5”. See if it works. If not, try step 4.
            4. Open Google Chrome a new Incognito Window, then repeat step 1-3 above.
            Please reply to inform whether it works for you.

    • Nicholas Chong

      Hi KC, can we still have the webpro discount?

      • KCLau

        Hi Nicholas, the offer has changed. Look for the details below the files download link.

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