What do accounting, finance and investment have in common with each other? 

The answer: It involves a lot of maths (one of it, of course). 

I understand not everyone is a math wizard. If you read this, perhaps, you could be feeling that financial stuff is not your thing as you are not really a math guy / a human calculator. If that is you, do not be discouraged because I am so happy to have found a guy who has created eye-appealing diagrams which explain the simplicity of personal finance to all walks of life. 

That guy is Aaron Tang, the creator of Mr. Stingy, where his articles are featured in Business Insider, The Huffington Post, iMoney, SAYS and the Vulcan Post. 

Thus, in my next 1-Hour Live Webinar, I had invited Aaron Tang to talk about his impressive ‘art work’ and more importantly, discuss the basics of managing our personal finances so that we can move towards financial freedom. Some of our discussions would be: 

– What Most People Get Wrong about Being ‘Rich’?
– How to Become Rich Steadily? 
– How Some People Remain Poor Despite Earning a Lot of Money? 
– Why You May Have Less Spending Money than You Think? 
– What does Rich / Poor Truly Mean? and Many More …

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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