May I ask if you have experienced any one of the following: 

– Overwhelmed with Projects, Datelines, Schedules, Meetings … etc. 
– Struggling with ‘Busyness’ without Getting much ‘Business’ Done? 
– Couldn’t Seem to Make the Best Decisions in Your Workplace & Life? 
– Forgetfulness. Always misplaced stuff or forget to complete a task … etc. 
– Fatigue. Burnout. Stress-out … etc. 

Perhaps, you are asking: ‘How to do MORE with Lesser Time?’ 

I’m glad that you asked.

This is why, it is an honour to have Dean Yeong, creator of Focus Mastery which has helped 200+ to be better at work and in life, onto my upcoming 1-Hour Live Webinar Show to share with us about boosting productivity with lesser stress in today’s digital age. We would discuss: 

– Why Most Time Management Tips don’t work? 
– What’s a Productivity System and how you can build it in under 60 minutes? 
– Exposing My Own Productivity System and Tools Associated to It. 
– How High Achievers Accomplish More as compared to their Peers? 
– Think E.A.D to Get More Done in Lesser Time.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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