Common questions:
– Should I pay off my mortgages as quickly as possible?
– Should I pay more on top of my required mortgage instalments each month?
– I’m about to retire. Should I withdraw from my EPF to settle off my mortgage?

All of these are valid questions as there is a desire to be debt-free.

I’m an advocate of all being responsible with our debt commitments and using debt wisely. But, as a real estate investor, my concern is whether or not this is a financially savvy decision that could yield better returns from real estate investments.

During the this webinar, we discussed the following:

  • The Pros & Cons of Paying Off Your Mortgages ASAP
  • Should I Buy Properties with a Low LTV Ratio or with a High LTV Ratio?
  • How Much Could You Save from Early Settlement of Mortgages?
  • How do Real Estate Investors Perceive Differently About Mortgages?



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