Mr Tan is a new property investor. He works hard, saves money, visits countless property units and finally, bought his first investment property.
He obtained a mortgage, waited for a few months, and eventually collected the keys for a new investment property.
A milestone in his life.

Quickly, he asked his property agent to rent out the unit out as soon as possible.
But, here is the thing.

Enquiries for rent were slow and far in between.
Occasionally, there were a handful of viewings from potential tenants.
But, these tenants passed on his unit and chose to rent his neighbouring units instead.
Mr Tan received a few offers that are below 20% of his asking rent.
He was disappointed.

This is a classic example of how Mr Tan and many property investors failed to consider their targeted tenants and their requirements when buying their properties.
Let that not be you.

William Lim, CEO of IdealHub, an online rental service platform now managing 130 properties and 200+ rooms in Malaysia shared how you can enhance the performances of investment properties.

You will discover more about:

  • Factors that Separate Successful Property Investors from Others that Are Not
  • Understanding Your Targeted Tenant Market based on Season, Location and Occupancy
  • What Property Design Could Enhance the Value of Your Property?
  • What Should You Spend on to Boost Your Rental Income?
  • How to Attract and Retain Good Tenants?


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