If you have better finances, you will be able to own more properties.

In the following masterclass, I show the strategies to:
Substantially reduce your property investment risk
Avoid cash flow problems many investors face due to over-leveraged
Accumulate wealth faster but at the same time, safer!

You will discover how to:
– Manoeuvre the three stages of financial planning
– Find out the essential sources of capital for investment
– The Refinancing Strategy that unlocks untapped equity
– Assess your Loan Eligibility, so you always know how much debt you qualify
– Use the Leverage Effect responsibly
– Manage your Liquidity and cash flow, especially for investors who has a few properties
– Combine different OPM: Mortgage Vs. Margin Financing




Financial educator, author and trainer

    6 replies to "Better Finances, More Properties"

    • Min Hou Lai

      Hi KC, thank you for the informative session. Keep up the hard work!

      • KCLau

        I am glad that you like the sharing.

    • Chai Pheng

      I have some question regarding refinancing which I’m not sure is it correct to ask here.

      I try to elaborate by giving a scenario.

      Assume both husband n wife have same bank eligibility to get loan.

      Option 1. Husband own a property. After 5yrs he goes for refinancing to get cash out. So he wil need to pass the 10yrs eligibility test n the refinancing will involve stamp fee n legal fee.

      Option 2. Husband own a property. After 5yrs he change the ownership to his wife n his wife goes to apply new loan. So this transaction will give them cash out without the need for 10yrs eligibility test & no stamp fee involve since its the change of ownership to love one. Am I correct?

      Compare these two option any con for option 2 compare option 1?

      • KCLau

        Hi Chai Peng, you got the idea.

        Opt2 – stamp duty for loan agreement still applies unless the banks absorb it.

    • Pradeep

      HI KC,

      I couldn’t find the spreadsheet. Could help post it here please ?

      • KCLau

        I just posted it up. Please find the link below the video.

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