As I write, local banks are offering at best 2+% a year for their FD accounts.

This means our money is rotting much faster than ever in the bank via inflation. Many do realise about it and thus, raising the demand for vehicles to boost the returns of their money.

Thus, in this webinar, we had brought back Mr. Yap Ming Hui, Founder and MD of Whitman Independent Advisors to share his takes and twists on a couple of investment vehicles in the market today.


– Should we invest in eToro’s CFD for higher returns?
– Should we invest in money market funds?
– Should we invest in bond funds?


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    • MAX TAN 

      I do not agree with him, as invest in CFD is high risk, you can always control it put 1x leverage, when you invest in this way, you are just like invest in stock market. The benefits are we can you can choose lots of companies around the world including in the US Hong Kong etc. second is their commission is much much smaller than the local bank offer. The local banks are charging ridiculous high fees.

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