As an investor, I have a habit of learning from other fellow investors. Apart from reading books, I like to have conversations with successful local investors. Often times, I would leave the conversations with more ideas, insights and wisdom on investment matters.

Hence, I had brought back John Huo, Founder of VUCA Insights to share his thoughts on :

1. What are the industries in Malaysia and their export markets
2. Why are certain industries shunned by investors?
3. What are the industries that are overlooked by investors?
4. Case studies for these industries
5. How can investors benefit from this know-how?

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Financial educator, author and trainer

    2 replies to "Malaysian Undervalued Industries & Potential GEMS"

    • Boon Weng Kong 

      Hi KC, I am a new subscriber. I am quite impressed by the vast amount of contents in PWM that you and your team come up with. Previously my subscriptions were mostly stock investment centric like Grand Pine’s Value Farm, Sharix Prime and few others. The diversity in PWM contents really elevate my financial literacy to a greater height. I have a chance for being exposed to many different fields in finance and economics by watching the videos and read the notes bundled, though some of them might not be my interest. I need to go through them since I have paid the money. My subscription has actually got value for money as the videos are more than an hour long, what more they all come up with downloadable notes.
      Herewith I would be happy to suggest that if the website could provide us with a history tab for us to track, replay or to continue to play the videos which we might have watched them half way as your videos are normally more than one hour long. Thanks

      • KCLau 

        Thank you for your kind words and for sharing your feedback on your experience.

        Your suggestion for a history tab on the website is insightful, especially given the length and depth of our content. I completely understand how such a feature could be beneficial for managing and continuing your learning sessions more efficiently.

        Currently, our resources are focused on maintaining and expanding the quality and diversity of the content we offer. However, improving user experience on our platform is also a priority for us, and your feedback is invaluable in guiding these enhancements. While we don’t have the history feature built-in at the moment due to these limited resources, I assure you that we are constantly exploring ways to improve our platform and make learning as accessible and user-friendly as possible.

        Your suggestion has been noted, and I will certainly bring it up with our team for consideration as we plan future updates and features.

        Please feel free to reach out at any time if you have more suggestions, questions, or need further assistance.

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