Meet Henry, a 46-year-old IT professional who is earning RM30,000 per month. Henry had met up with Milan Doshi recently for a Personal Financial Consultation.

Milan decided to post snippets of this case on his Facebook and Linked-In page as Henry’s precarious financial situation had many important lessons. As one reader aptly commented, “Your client’s finances is a sinking ship. The good news is, it’s salvageable.”

Instead of giving written replies to the numerous comments on FB/LI, we invited Milan and Henry for a Live Financial Consultation over Zoom and Facebook. Milan shared his inputs on Henry’s case and the various comments.


Financial educator, author and trainer

    2 replies to "Personal Financial Consultation by Wealth Mentor Milan Doshi, for the High-Income Earners"

    • Hamizah Jamal 

      Hi. I think the video is cut off to 15 minutes is that correct?

    • KCLau 

      Hi Hamizah, you are seeing the short version of the video for non-members.
      Please be informed that you have cancelled your subscription in Feb 2022.
      The full video and notes are accessible by paid members.

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