Once, there was a young man, starting his career as a software programmer. He then switched his job first to becoming a salesman and then to be a banker. But the thing that disturbed him the most is this – He had only RM 2,000 in his bank account in his mid-20s after started working upon graduation.

To make it worse, his best friend had bought himself a house.

That spurred him to start building wealth via investing in real estate. Despite no or little money, this man went window-shopping for properties and asked many questions about real estate investing. His habits of constant learning and raising capital to build his property portfolio had never ceased since then.

Fast forward 16 years later, Faizul Ridzuan invested in 60+ properties to-date.

Here it is my honour to have Faizul to share his experiences in real estate investing:

  • Methods to Reduce Your Monthly Debt Commitments Significantly
  • How to Start Purchasing Your Few First Properties?
  • How is it Possible to Purchase Cheaper Properties as compared to Your Peers?
  • What are Possible Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing Your Next Property.


Financial educator, author and trainer

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