1H 2022 has just ended.

We had the Ukraine-Russia war, a rise in commodity prices, a falling Ringgit and a hike in interest rates. All of these seem interconnected and caused many to be jittery about the stock market.

But as stock investors, how should we respond to all these events?

Nixon Wong, Executive Director & CIO of Tradeview Capital Sdn Bhd, a boutique asset management firm, shared about:

  • Present Review and Outlook of Global Markets.
  • How would US inflation impact the stock market in Malaysia?
  • Should investors be concerned about the US monetary tightening policies?
  • Outlook, catalyst, and risks of the Malaysian stock market
  • Investment Strategies in 2H 2022 and many more.


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    2 replies to "Investment Strategies & Outlook of Bursa Malaysia in 2H 2022"

    • Rajakumar 

      Hi Mr Lau ,
      Im a fan for more many years. Recentky im very interested to know learn more on Bursa and how to invest in malaysian stock with BURSA. Im zero knowledge but very enthusiastic on this BURSA . Can you please help me to guide on this bro.
      Appreciate your help .
      Thank you

      • KCLau 

        We have a program call Bursa Method.
        You can check out this free webinar: https://BursaMethod.com/webinar
        We show you how we invest. See if it fits you.

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