I am not wealthy. But I live a freedom lifestyle.
I don’t have tens of millions of dollar in the bank. But I have enough and make adequate semi-passive incomes that allow me to live my current lifestyle. The best part, I can do it from anywhere in the world, allowing me to reside at a place for an extended time.

There is no secret about how I made it.
And I am going to reveal how you can do the same in the following training.

The keyword is — Lifestyle Business.

But one thing you must understand is that Rome was not built in one day. Same goes for building a sustainable business.
I started KCLau.com blog on Dec 2006 from a naive intention to have a business based on the Internet. It took me years from making a few hundred ringgit to over six-figure revenue per month.

It is not easy. But what I can tell you is that it works!
Be mentally prepared to go through the hard times. There are a lot of details not discussed in the training, which is crucial such as copywriting skill and systematisation.

There are many gurus out there teaching in those areas. I also learnt from many of them. So the following training is to open your mind about the possibility and process.

– What’s a Lifestyle Business that people dream of?
– The Simple Steps to Building a Lifestyle Business from Scratch.
– What are the perfect products to sell?
– What are the tools and capital required to start one?

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Links to the Tools and SAAS that I use (updated 11 Oct 2023)

These are my recommended tools to build your lifestyle business.

Please note that some of the following are my affiliate links. It means if you sign up to use the program, I will get commissions. Whether you use my links, the price will be the same for you. So if you use my links, I do appreciate it very much.

  1. Website domain and hosting: Siteground   (I had used Midphase and Exabytes before. Now I am with Siteground, which I like the most because of their superb technical support team. They can always solve any of my technical issues with my sites. Low fee and high-quality hosting)
  2. Email broadcast: ActiveCampaign (I used AWeber for many years because I started with them and felt reluctant to change. But when I finally switched to ActiveCampaign in 2017, I realised how much I had missed. AC provides many robust and flexible features and charges a lower fee for my numbers of subscribers)
  3. Webinar platform: Zoom.us (I switched from Gotowebinar. Zoom has more feature with lower price. It is more stable too and allow me to do Facebook Live or Youtube Live concurrently.)
  4. Power membership site: Wishlist Member Plugin (I used this plugin for WordPress powered websites to manage protected content and membership since 2010. It still powers most of my membership sites, including PWM.)


Financial educator, author and trainer

    11 replies to "The Dummies’ Guide to Building a Lifestyle Business"


      Hi KC, i am a swimming instructor. How can i turn my passion in teaching children how to swim into a lifestyle business.

      Kindly advise.

      • KCLau 

        If physical training is required, it is very hard to make it into a lifestyle business. Unless you structure your product to be able to deliver online – like instruction video. It also can be selling the teaching system for other swimming instructor. I am not sure if it will work, just throw out the ideas to you for more thinking.

    • wan kok kin 

      Hi ,KC . how about email marketing . How much capital should i prepare before i start. Can you give me some advice from your experience about it . Is that hard or easy , or do you recommend it .

      • KCLau 

        There are many providers now. Mailchimp has a free plan.
        I used aWeber and then switched to ActiveCampaign now.
        The paid plan starts from

    • Jimmy 

      Hi KC,

      I recently open up a cafe in neighbourhood. Could afford to hire staff so just me and my wife operating it. Business has been up and down. We serve specialty coffee and fusion food, price range average. Any advice in business point to boost up with small budget?

      • KCLau 

        Look into Facebook. Try posting pictures of your specialty coffee etc.
        Or entice customer to post the picture on their Facebook, tag your business, and give them a free cup of coffee. That’s a very affordable marketing budget.

    • Firdaus Al-Ajam 

      hi KC. i think i am going to start teaching online, make digital products, and offer small free tokens to share my products online..thank you KC. xie xie ni

      • KCLau 

        Sounds great.

    • rachel wong 

      can’t open the slides. Please assist

      • rachel wong 

        got it now

        • KCLau 

          Glad you got it.

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