If you have followed us for some time now, you would know that I lived in the United States for 2+ years, from 2018 to early 2021, before migrating to Taipei.

During my time in the USA, I did learn some insights about this big country. It was a fantastic experience for my family. Along the way, I gained a handful of tips on how best to move around. And how a tourist can get the best value (bang for our bucks) in the United States.

I want to share these tips and tricks with you to prepare the needful if you’re travelling to the States.

In the webinar, I covered the following:

  • Pointers on US Visa Applications for Malaysians
  • Common Tourist Attractions in the United States
  • Getting Around Efficiently when Touring the United States
  • Best methods to make monetary transactions in the United States.
  • Tips on Food and Internet Consumption in the United States


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