There is a college student in Indonesia.

Each day, he took a selfie sitting in front of his computer. He did so for 5 years.

Originally, he planned to produce a time-lapse video for his graduation. But, the dude opened an account with OpenSea and he uploaded all his 933 selfies on it for sale. He was not serious. But, he thought to himself that it would be funny if a collector buys and collects his selfies.

Today, this college student is a millionaire, raking in US$ 1+ million in NFT sales.

His name is Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali and he is now a NFT millionaire.

Some questions:

1. What are NFTs?
2. Why are NFTs popular today?
3. How do people make money out of NFTs?
4. Should people buy NFTs as investments today?
5. What is the current outlook of the NFT market?


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