Lately, I downloaded a copy of “Global Outperformers”, which is a report where it contains research works and lessons concluded on companies that returned a minimum of 1,000% over 10 years.

The 287-page report is an interesting read and I learnt quite a lot from it.

Of which, I would like to share some insights that I’ve acquired from this report. I would expound on their case studies and make a list of pointers from this report. Some highlights include:

  • 5 Case Studies mentioned in the Report.
  • 10 Lessons I learnt from “Global Outperformers”
  • My personal thoughts on the report.
  • Applications to Retail Investors in Malaysia


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    3 replies to "How These Stocks Became Multibaggers and Surprised the Market"

    • Jooli 

      Hi KC, can please share the file again? I’m unable to download from the Google drive shared during the live zoom session.

    • KCLau 
      • Jooli 

        Thank you KC.

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