How often do you receive a text or a promotion from your bank as follows:
‘Instant Cash Advance at 0% Interest. Repay in 12 months. Fast Approvals.’

Are you tempted to grab the offer?
Or, are you the type who is sceptical about the offer?

I often receive questions from readers who are tempting to get that ‘zero-interest’ cash to invest in stocks or pay down their home loan.

Before you decide, I would like you to go through the following case studies.
I shared my thoughts on Cash Advances:

  • How Can You Evaluate A Cash Advance Offer?
  • What is the ‘Hidden’ Actual Effective Rate of a Cash Advance Offer?
  • Terms & Conditions to Look Out For.
  • Should You take a Cash Advance for Investments?
  • Case Study: Dissecting Real Life Offers from Maybank & RHB


  • Complete the exercise in PWM Personal Finance Workbook
  • Choose a current offer of cash advance provided by any bank. Analyse and post your finding in the comment section below.


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    5 replies to "Instant Cash at 0% Interest! What’s the Catch?"


      where can we get the spreadsheet ?

      • KCLau

        We just put up the link to the spreadsheet below the video

    • Armengsk

      what if the bank gives 0% interest with 0% advance fee, does that mean the borrower is at gain (saving interest cost)? assuming I need the cash to ease my financial burden.

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