How often do you receive a text or a promotion from your bank as follows:

‘Instant Cash Advance at 0% Interest. Repay in 12 months. Fast Approvals.’

Are you tempted to grab the offer?

Or, are you the type who is skeptical about the offer?

As I write, Chinese New Year is around the corner. Some of us may find having some extra cash pretty handy during this festive season. Meanwhile, there are also a handful of you who are thinking, whether or not, you should receive the cash advance to fund your investments.

Before you decide on ‘anything’, in my next webinar, I would personally share with you my thoughts on Cash Advances. In 60 minutes, I would touch on:

– How You Can Evaluate A Cash Advance Offer?
– What is the ‘Hidden’ Actual Effective Rate of a Cash Advance Offer?
– Terms & Conditions to Look Out For.
– Should You take a Cash Advance for Investments?
– Case Study: Dissecting Real Life Offers from Maybank & RHB

    2 replies to "Instant Cash at 0% Interest! What’s the Catch?"


      where can we get the spreadsheet ?

      • KCLau

        We just put up the link to the spreadsheet below the video

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