This time, we are going to discuss about Facebook Inc., not as a consumer, but as an investor. If you are not aware, Facebook Inc.’s stock price had took quite a tumble recently from above US$ 200 in mid-2018 to US4 143.80 presently as I write to you now. So, here are some highlights of our discussions:

– Why do Investors ‘Hate’ Facebook Now?
– What is the True Business of Facebook Inc?
– Can Facebook Inc be Replaced?
– Key Differences between Tencent Holdings and Facebook Inc
– Live Discussions. FAQs. and many more …

    2 replies to "Case Study: Is Facebook Inc an Investment Opportunity of a Lifetime?"

    • BH Chua

      Hi KC,

      While I am enjoying viewing the video on facebook stock, unfortunately the video stop at 28:46 time stamp, appreciate if your support team can update the full video clip.

      With regards

      • KCLau

        Hi BH, did you stream from this website? We just tried out the video and it plays in full.
        Make sure you have logged in to view the full replay.

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