Years ago, there was a college kid who has picked up an interest in investing. He read as much as he could on this subject and discovered that investing in stocks is about accumulating shares of good businesses at their lowest possible prices. Armed with some ‘book knowledge’, the kid downloaded his first annual report which is from Maybank and started to read it.

Guess what? He was lost as he had no clue on what he was reading at that time and had no ability to differentiate between Maybank, Public Bank and CIMB. As such, the kid decided not to get into stocks but took up an accounting course to read how to interpret financial statements.

Fast forward to today, the college kid was Ian Tai, my partner at who is also a dividend investor. In this webinar, he revealed all the tricks and pointers you need to know before investing in a bank stock. With it, you can easily tell the differences between different bank stocks and become a much more competent stock investor yourself.

Content of the webinar:

  • Multiple Sources of Income Generated by a Bank
  • How to Assess Long-Term Profitability of a Bank?
  • 3 Stability Ratios to Assess the Financial Strength of a Bank
  • 3 Valuation Ratios to Know before Investing in a Bank Stock
  • Full-Fledged Case Study Walkthrough of an Actual Bank Stock.


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    • Tan Siew Boon

      a tong ha .

    • Vigneshwari

      How to watch full webinar.

      • KCLau

        Hi Vigneshwari,
        The full video, downloads, and notes are for paid Premium Webinar Members.
        You can find more details about PWM here:
        Thanks for asking.

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