What is a 10-Bagger?

A 10-Bagger is an aspiration to all growth investors. It refers to an investment made into a stock that had 10x the capital invested by the investor.

In other words, you invested RM 10,000 into a company some time ago.
Today, the market value of your shareholdings in the stock is worth RM 100,000 and, thus, 10x your initial capital. That stock is known as a 10-Bagger.

Gan Ming Jie (MJ), the Co-Founder of FIRL, an online stock investing education platform in Malaysia shared the following:

  • Real examples of 10-Baggers in Bursa Malaysia
  • The 7 Key Criteria to Discover 10-Baggers in Malaysia
  • Why are these Criteria Absolutely Crucial to Identify 10-Baggers?



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