Let me be honest with you.

I know nuts about cryptos and do not claim to be a crypto guy.

I was even contemplating whether I should do a webinar session on cryptos as I don’t really have intentions to buy cryptos anytime soon. I’m content with all of the traditional stuff – stocks and properties.

But I guess, it is time for once, to be a little open-minded about it. Recently, I’ve come across a book written on it by Dr. Ian Bong (not Ian Tai, my partner). Thus, I invited Dr. Ian Bong onto our webinar to find out what cryptos are all about. We’ll touch on the following:

  • How to Get Started with Cryptocurrencies?
  • How to Buy, Stake, and Trade Cryptocurrencies?
  • How to Build a Crypto Portfolio?
  • How to Earn High Returns with Relatively Low Risk?
  • How to Protect Your Investments with Cryptos?


Financial educator, author and trainer

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    • Hamizah Jamal 

      Hi KC! It seems that the video has been cut at the end there. Could you confirm?

      • KCLau 

        Hi Hamizah, looks like your PWM access has ceased after unsuccessful payment since Feb 2022.
        That’s why your account couldn’t view the full video.
        If you wish to continue with your paid membership, please send us a support ticket here: https://KCLau.com/support/

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