Inevitably, in our lifetime, we would get into contracts. They include:
a. Employment contracts, when we land ourselves a job.
b. Business contracts, when we do businesses with our clients and suppliers.
c. Sale & Purchase Agreements, when we make transactions.
d. Loan Facility Agreements, when we borrow funds from our financiers.
e. Tenancy Agreements, when we lease out our properties to our tenants.

But, the thing is, ‘How much do we know about contracts and their legitimacy?’

In this webinar, I’ve invited Ms. Voon Su Huei and Encik Mohd Rezan Ezra, who are presently the Senior Associate & the Associate of Thomas Philip’s Civil Litigation Department to share with us:

  • Differences between an oral contract and a written contract
  • Elements of a legally binding contract
  • What is an illegal agreement and whether it can be enforced?
  • Common pitfalls and assumptions made when signing a contract
  • Remedies that can be pursued following a breach of contract.


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