Yap Ming Hui, a licensed financial planner and founder of Whitman explained about how robo-advisors work.

Highlights of our discussion:

  • Is investing in StashAway risky?
  • The advantages and disadvantages of robo advisors
  • The comparison between StashAway and other robo advisors in Malaysia
  • Who should and should not invest with robo advisors?
  • How to select the RIGHT robo advisor for you

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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    2 replies to "Everything You Should Know Before Investing in StashAway or with Other Robo Advisors."

    • Calvin 

      Why is the video only 15 minutes and not 1 hour as mentioned?

      • KCLau 

        Hi Calvin, thanks for dropping by. The full video is for paid Premium Webinar Members only.
        You can find more details here: https://kclau.com/webinar/join

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