Meet Mr. Ling, a 67-year old widower from Ipoh.

Mr. Ling has a daughter named Jenny. Jenny is married and currently residing in Australia. She pays her father a visit once every two years.

Mr. Ling lives a modest lifestyle alone. Katie, his sister often pays him a visit and keeps him company with regular evening walks and church activities. Presently, Mr. Ling has RM 500,000 in savings and EPF and he lives in a terrace house that is valued at RM 400,000. Life is peaceful but Mr. Ling does have some concerns:

  1. What will happen to him if he becomes critically ill or have dementia?
  2. Who shall pay for his medical expenses if he fails to have access to his money as a result of him forgetting his own usernames or passwords for all of his bank accounts?
  3. How to prepare for this so that he will not be a burden to Jenny and Katie?

The above are valid questions and as such, I have brought in Ms. Jocelline Chee, Founder & Principal of WG Legacy, a boutique estate planning firm to share what Mr. Ling can do today so that he could really
take care of himself without placing a burden on his loved ones. You will learn about:

  • What will happen to Mr. Ling if he falls ill or becomes dementia?
  • Revealing 1 Powerful Tool that allows Mr. Ling to be Prepared for the Above.
  • Things to Consider before Leaving Behind Mr. Ling’s House to Jenny.

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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