• I have already written a will. Why do I need to set up a trust?
  • If I set up a trust, does it mean that I don’t need to write a will?
  • I have a trust set up within my will. Isn’t that good enough?

There are many misconceptions on a will document and different types of trusts and how they are properly used to do estate planning. Thus, this often led to complications in one’s estate distribution process, resulting in strife and conflicts among family members.

Let not your loved ones be one of them.

Jocelline Chee, the Founder of WG Legacy, a boutique estate planning firm shared the major differences and why some wealthy families set up trusts even after having a will written.

Here, you would discover more about:

– The Difference between a Will and a Trust
– Limitations of a Will Document in Estate Planning
– How Setting Up a Trust can Complement a Will in Estate Planning?
– Case Studies

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