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Maybe you’re out there on your own… Struggling to invest better…or trying to make ends meet…or getting a financial problem solved! Now imagine that instead of signing up for RM5000 over-the-weekend course that might not be solving your exact problem… Or Googling and found information that's probably outdated… Or asking your friends who don't really know more than you, and making zero progress month after month… You just do a quick search on this site, and you immediately have a step-by-step solution from one of the renowned financial experts in our country… What would it be like, to have that guidance, always at your fingertips?

I'm KCLau, Malaysia's No.1 online financial educator.

When I was growing up, I was told to go to school, get a degree, have a good job and stick to it ideally for the rest of my working life. I was ingrained that having ‘Job Security’ is ‘Financial Security’.

Unfortunately, that is not true.

As I entered the workforce, I realised that a well-paying job, by itself, doesn’t necessarily guarantee us a lifetime of financial security. I believe that most of us left school inadequate to face the economic challenges of today. They include:

  • How to Settle Credit Card Debt Fast?
  • How to Save Money in the Midst of ever-rising Cost of Living?
  • How to Invest in Stocks Profitably without taking unnecessary risks?
  • How to Buy My Ideal Properties?
  • How to Build a Sizeable Net-Worth for my Retirement?

And the list goes on …

Is Having More Money the Answer to Your Money Problems?

Ironically, nope.

Perhaps, you’ve read how Mike Tyson who had earned a fortune of US$ 300 million from his boxing career and squandered most of it, if not all. Whereas, on the flip side, we have inspiring stories like Ronald Read, a janitor who’ve caught the financial media, his lawyer and his family by surprise as Read left behind a legacy of US$ 8 million from decades of savvy investing.

So, what’s the difference between the two?

The answer is having ‘Financial Intelligence’, and it is not taught in school.

My Personal Mission

In March 2012, I started to host weekly webinars that cover practical tools and strategies to solve money problems mentioned above. To-date, as I write, I’ve built a collection of 400+ webinars in KCLau.com, conducted by not just myself but a team of the best financial experts & brains in Malaysia.

And, I uploaded the recording of these 400+ webinars, presentation slides, & PDF notes into the Premium Webinar Membership (PWM) so that my loyal members would enjoy Unlimited & Unrestricted Access & Downloads to all of the materials contained within KCLau.com.

In fact, we are still putting up new content every week now. Why?

Because I know that it is never convenient to get financially educated. There is no financial literacy program at schools.

So I've determined to make learning convenient for everybody who seek financial education. I invited the best financial experts in their industry to give you advice, to show you the proven methods, to guide you on the right path...

So YOU TOO, can become financially SUCCESSFUL.

These webinars are segregated into 3 series:

#1: Light - Personal Finance Series

The Light Series covers subjects like how to make more money, save money, save income tax, clear lousy debt, improve credit score, and do estate planning. Its primary goal is to get our financial house in order. Recent webinars include:

  • How to Get Out of Bad Debt Fast Before Declaring Bankruptcy?

    Peter Lim, Master Trainer of Bursamethod.com
  • How to turn your Credit Application from ‘Rejected’ to ‘Approved’?

    by CF Lieu, CFP & Independent Financial Adviser
  • How to Calculate Your Retirement Needs?

    By KCLau, master blogger of KCLau.com

#2: Medium - Stock Investment Series

The Medium Series has a collection of webinars that discuss subjects on how you can make your 1st Ringgit & many more from stock investing securely & consistently. It ranges from interpreting financial statements to calculating a stock’s intrinsic value, and to enjoying consistent passive income from REITs. Recent webinars include:

  • Intrinsic Value - Calculate the True Worth of a Stock in 10 Minutes

    Ian Tai, Founder of Bursaking.com.my
  • How to Build Consistent Stream of Passive Income & Maximize Your Dividend Yields from Stock Investing?

    Rusmin Ang, Co-Founder of the Fifth Person
  • How to Pick the Perfect Stocks for Yourself?

    Stanley Lim, the founder of Value Invest Asia

#3: Heavy - Property Investment Series

The Heavy Series brought in a panel of experts consisting of millionaire real estate investors, agents, mortgage officers, lawyers, and interior designers to shower you with gems of wisdom to help you to not only invest in your first property but also to scale it into a multi-million ringgit real estate portfolio. Recent webinars include:

  • 6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Income & Property Portfolio

    Mark Chua, Millionaire Property Investor & Best-Seller Author
  • Increase Your Property Profits through Interior Design

    Adrian Wee, King of Interior Design
  • How to do Your Own Research on Property Prices?

    Premendran Pathmanathan, GM Data Services, iProperty.com

What Makes Each Lesson So Powerful?

Why many PWM paid members join year after year

Aminnur Rasyid

"Before I joined PWM, I had bad debts and credit card problems. I am glad that PWM training guides me in many aspects of finance from debt management to investing. I can now manage my finances much better. I would recommend PWM for easy access to knowledge faster than reading books."

Aminnur Rasyid
admin officer from Ulu Tiram
Ong Sze Jiet

"I learnt how to read financial reports. The contents provided has been really good. Seeing KCLau walks the talk, makes me work hard for it. PWM provides financial literacy for the mass where it has not been taught in school."

Ong Sze Jiet
a geologist from Kota Kinabalu
 Thomas Khoo

"I barely make ends meet prior to joining PWM. I spent the remaining few hundreds ringgit I have to sign up in the hope to increase my financial literacy. I am happy that I got better understandings on many topics. Since then, I had bought my first stock and received dividends. PWM exceeds my expectation because the topics covered are vast and include many types of investment. I would recommend KCLau.com for education on financial literacy."

Thomas Khoo
an admin manager
Yong Kong Chit

"I was a salaried employee with no decent financial knowledge. I was worried about no time to go through PWM content. But after going through the training, I am happy that I have the knowledge of using financial calculators to calculate effective rates, and invest in REIT, mutual funds and plan my insurance. I recommend PWM for informative and practical contents with consistent updates."

Yong Kong Chit
a medical claims executive
Bushan Radhiburman

"I joined PWM because it is well-structured and I can follow the training at my own pace. I am able to rewatch webinars that I missed. Since then, I had started to settle my debts in a systematic manner. I also invest in REITs. The quality of the content and topic discussed exceed my expectation. I recommend PWM for the unbiased and neutral financial advice and insights, and content that is not sponsored like other platforms."

Bushan Radhiburman
a corporate trainer from Penang
Yeoh Woei Shin

"I have a good saving rate, decent salary but previously over-insured. I joined PWM because it provides a vast variety of financial advice in multiple fields such as stock, property, insurance, loan etc. As a result, I could cut down my insurance premium. I learnt how to calculate the rates of loans (personal/mortgage/car) and also manage my finance. I also get to help others to manage their finances. I am surprised that I could save so much and gained a lot of knowledge, even just after one webinar."

Yeoh Woei Shin
a software developer

And you know what? I don’t even want you to take their word for it. Or mine.

Instead, I want you to check out Premium Webinar Membership for yourself…



I want to make it a no-brainer for you to check out PWM for yourself, so this is the easiest, most risk-free guarantee possible: If you aren’t 100% in love with PWM, I will gladly refund your money.

If these webinars and interviews don’t help you get the results you’re after, just email us and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund within 30 days. It’s that simple.

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