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Maybe you’re out there on your own…

Struggling to do invest better…or trying to make ends meet…or getting a financial problem solved!

Now imagine that instead of signing up for RM5000 over-the-weekend course that might not solving your exact problem… Or Googling and found information that's probably outdated… Or asking your friends who don't really know more than you, and making zero progress month after month…

You just do a quick search on this site, and you immediately have a step-by-step solution from one of the renowned financial experts in our country… What would it be like, to have that guidance, always at your fingertips?

I'm KCLau, Malaysia's No.1 online financial educator.

I started in Dec 2006. I started hosting webinars (seminar conducted online) since March 2012, every week and I'm still doing it now. Why?

Because I know that it is never convenient to get financially educated. There is no financial literacy program at schools.

So I've determined to make learning convenient for everybody who seek financial education. I invited the best financial experts in their industry to give you advice, to show you the proven methods, to guide you on the right path...

So YOU TOO, can become financially SUCCESSFUL.




Some of Our Most Popular Training:

  • Real Estate Trends and Hot Spots for Greater KL

    Expert: Ishmael Ho, CEO of Ho Chin Soon Research, Malaysia renowned property research firm.

  • The Ultimate Guide to Refinancing Mortgage

    Expert: Gary Chua, CEO of SMART Financing.

  • How to Compute the Annualized Effective Compounded Return Rate

    Expert: KCLau, financial educator.

  • Achieve Double-Digit Returns from Investing in Property Stocks

    Expert: Ian Tai, Founder of and POPULAR & MPH Bestselling Author of ‘Gold’ & ‘Silver:Updated’

Here is what you get with Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)

  • #1. Unlimited Online Webinar Replay (More than 238 Hours of Recording)

    Access all the webinar recording related to personal finance and investment, that I’ve done in the past since March 2012, that you might have missed!

    Every week we bring you the most updated ideas and money tips, the stuff that financial gurus like Yap Ming Hui, Faizul Ridzuan, Azizi Ali, Gary Chua, Michael Tan and Peter Lim are sharing only with their clients…

    And only PWM members get access to the entire library.

  • #2. Exclusive Interviews

    You get exclusive interview sessions, which are not conducted live and not opened to public registration due to the speaker’s requirement. The recording is only made available to PWM.

  • #3. Unlimited Download and Streaming

    You can download the video and audio files so you can watch it whenever, wherever you want, even on your mobile devices.

  • #4. Presentation Slides and Summarized Notes

    Special summarized notes are made for members only. If you want to glance through the content of the webinar without listening to the whole session, you can make good use of the PDF notes we put up! PLUS, you also get those presentation slides made available by speakers.

What Premium Webinar attendees say:

I may not be able to read, listen and watch all of them (webinars) but they all add value to my life.


The videos on property talks are really helpful too. Thank you for the generosity to share financial knowledge for free and keep up the good work


It has been an excellent learning experience!

HH Lim

I been following you almost 2 years now and realized that I have got a lot of info about finance. It had changed my perspective of growing my money!


The webinar about the "7 Things to Consider When Investing in Gold' was a 2 thumbs up from me... it was really really informative and I managed to clear my doubts and misunderstanding on the subject. Thank you..looking forward to more webinars like this.


What you are doing is amazing!  It provides people with financial knowledge and a source of inspiration for greater financial achievements.


And you know what? I don’t even want you to take their word for it. Or mine.

Instead, I want you to check out Premium Webinar Membership for yourself…


I want to make it a no-brainer for you to check out PWM for yourself, so this is the easiest, most risk-free guarantee possible: If you aren’t 100% in love with PWM, I will gladly refund your money.

If these webinars and interviews don’t help you get the results you’re after, just email us and we’ll issue a prompt and courteous refund within 30 days. It’s that simple.

Start Your PWM Now...

Monthly Membership


Online access to all webinars

Get trained by admired financial celebrities

Full money back guarantee. We believe in our product.

Payment Process Explained

  • 1

    Click the "JOIN NOW" link and Make Payment Through Visa/Master/AMEX

    When you click the link "JOIN NOW", a payment form will pop up. Enter your payment details and click "Pay"

  • 2

    Wait for the payment processing

    When you submit your payment info and confirm, it may take up to several minutes to process the payment. Once payment is successful, please wait to be redirected back to create your membership account.

  • 3

    Redirected to create your PWM account

    Upon successful payment, you shall be automatically redirected to create your account. If there is any problem, just email to

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between PWM and Founder Method? +

PWM is focusing on personal finance topics, such as investment, insurance, debt management etc. Meanwhile, Founder Method training is arranged by my business partner Evanna Phoon. The content is about entrepreneurship, personal development, and business issues in Malaysia context and environment.

What is PWM? +

PWM is an online membership site that contains the recorded interview session of financial experts from different industries (investment, insurance, estate planning, unit trust, etc). These people are sharing their knowledge that may help you to achieve financial success.

How do I consume the content? +

You will get a secured account to login to the members area, where you can download – video recording of the online webinar – mp3 version of the webinar – PDF file of the presentation slides and summarized notes.

Can I access the website from my mobile phone/ tablet like iPad? +

Yes! You can play the mp3 on your smart phone while driving. You can watch the video on iPad and other mobile device too.

Is there a guarantee? +

Always. If you aren’t happy, just let us know within the first 30 days. Our team will promptly and courteously cancel your subscription.

What if I don't have time to listen to a lot of webinars right now? +

Sometimes people join PWM, and they feel overwhelmed by the hundreds of webinars and interviews.

“It’s SO much content, I just don’t have time to watch everything!”

I get that. In addition to our archives, we add new webinar recording on a weekly basis. That’s because we’re committed to being the most in-depth, complete resource for you to gain financial knowledge.

However, you don’t need to see everything on the site…

In fact, you shouldn’t even try to watch everything.

Instead, after you’ve identified your #1 priority, choose the video on that topic, and start there. If you want to learn how to do investment, search the category and start there.

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Get Immediate Access to These Training:

  • Busting Financial Planning Myths

    Expert: Linnet Lee, CEO of FPAM (Financial Planning Association of Malaysia)

  • Travel Japan for 11 Days Under RM2900

    Expert: Alan Tan is the author of three books including Make Money Online Without Selling Anything and How to Make Money in Stocks.

  • How to Get International Medical Coverage

    Expert: Lieu Ching-Foo, independent financial planner and the founder of He writes for various magazine like Money Compass and provides independent financial planning services full-time.

  • Revealing the Hard Truths of Our Monetary System Today

    Expert: Dean Arif, money historian and the founder of MY Bullion Trade

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