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Learn Directly From the Most Celebrated Financial Experts in Malaysia and discover the money secrets not taught in school...

Revealed on this page...

How ordinary people like you and me can

accumulate wealth through legitimate channels, even if you are not earning much to start with right now.

invest with a good return for a long-term, without getting involved in any get-rich-quick scheme or fancily sophisticated investment products.

acquire financial wisdom that allows you to live a better lifestyle and enjoy the moments with your family and the people you care, even if you are heavily in debt now.

Fariz Yusoff

This program:

  • Helped me reinforce my belief in the importance of being smarter with my money in the long term.
  • Helped me fill in the many gaps of my financial knowledge.
  • Helped me gain tremendous confidence of what to do next with my finances.
  • Helped me form stronger financial habits that I must start immediately.
  • Helped my debunk financial myths new and old.
  • Helped me sought financial contacts for my next action.
  • Helped me in providing hope that it is still not too late to take financial actions.
  • Helped me setup a stepping stone to move up to my next level.

Fariz Yusoff PWM Lifetime Member

Here's how you can Solve Your #1 Financial Problem with a Quick Solution always at Your Fingertips

If you've struggled to control your spending
If you've tried many investment schemes and yet to see your wealth grow
If you have credit card debts and find it difficult to cope
If you have difficulty choosing an insurance plan, unit trust funds, stocks, etc.

then you're about to learn what you've been longing for all your life.

Now imagine that instead of

signing up for RM5000 over-the-weekend course that might not be solving your exact problem…
Or Googling and found information that's probably outdated…
Or asking your friends who don't really know more than you,
and making zero progress month after month…

You just do a quick search on this site, and you immediately have a step-by-step solution from one of the renowned financial experts in our country. What would it be like, to have that guidance, always at your fingertips?

Why is this important to you? BECAUSE
Learning how to do this will change your life forever...

I struggled as a poor musician for years.
I also struggled as an insurance salesman because I have no passion for selling face-to-face because I am a total introvert. But during those years, I work hard to acquire financial knowledge and improve my capability.

Over the years, my incomes increase several folds. Meanwhile, the time I work is getting lesser and shorter. With more time, I can enjoy the passive incomes I make from my business, my properties and my stocks portfolio, to send my kid to private school and to take my family for overseas vacation several times each year.

All these are possible because I acquired this financial wisdom, which I had created an e-learning platform here for you to learn the same at your own pace, conveniently online, anytime, anywhere... and most importantly, getting the result by mastering your finances.

These organisations had invited me to speak on their events about personal finance and investment.

What the Wealthy Know (vs. everyone else)

The first thing that you need to know about accumulating wealth is how to maximise on these four areas:
1. Incomes
2. Expenses
3. Assets
4. Liabilities

We can sum up that the rich people know how to make a lot of money, and they can save and invest a big chunk of it, and still end up with plenty of money to spend on an admirable lifestyle.
They know how to acquire productive assets such as businesses, properties and even their networks and capability. Furthermore, they don’t shy away from incurring massive debts to do so.

I used to make all these stupid money mistakes

Before I figured this out, my life looked completely different.
Back when I was studying in UTM, the first study loan I received from JPA during my 3rd year of studying the degree is about RM5000. Guess what I spent on immediately?
I purchased my first full-size 88-keys keyboard - KORG SGProX. It cost RM4800. So I was left with almost nothing.

During my first year of being a professional musician, there was a time that I wanted to join a group of friends to Pulau Redang. But I don’t have enough money to pay for the trip. So I asked my manager who hired me to play the piano regularly at the Johor Bahru Hyatt Hotel at that time to give me advance.
I was spending my future money for some leisure trip.

Whenever I have some money, I would spend it on some musical gears or instruments. Most of the time, I don’t have much money in my bank account.

This situation persists for years. At that time, it was so easy to get a credit card. I was offered one because I have a bachelor degree, and no income proof was required.

Luckily, I didn’t have the bad habit of spending on thing I couldn’t afford, with my credit cards. But a lot of people don’t have that discipline. I had some friends who ended up with a few credit cards limit used up to the maximum.

How to Earn Your First Pot of Gold?

I was thinking then, how could I get the first pot of gold if the situation keeps carrying on like that?

And if you’ve ever felt like this as well, there’s a reason.

Managing money wasn’t taught to any of us. We’re not offered a class called “Financial Knowledge 101” at school. If your parents didn’t show you anything on this matter, or if they had their personal financial problem, and the worst is if they taught you the wrong things about money coming from a poor-mindset, then who is going to show you the right stuff?

Many people learnt through the hard way by making the money mistake themselves.
So don’t be hard on yourself, because this isn’t common knowledge.

So I had a choice.

Either I had to figure out the way how people get rich, or I just accept the fact and stay poor forever.

So I decided to look for solutions… and I found something that would change my life forever...

I discovered the SECRET (Common Sense that 99% Ignored)

I discovered the concept of being financially literate, meaning having a high Financial IQ. You can call it high FQ or whatever. The rich think differently about money. With a different mindset, they have different actions, and they get a much better result, and can build wealth over the long-term.

I realised that I could learn this financial knowledge, and essentially I could have rich people’s mindset, so I can accumulate wealth like how they do it.

So I bought every book on personal finance I could find, and I got involved in the financial industry by being a financial products salesperson, starting from insurance, then unit trust, then Will writing, finally I got the RFP qualification. But that’s just scratching the surface.

I learned most of the secrets through mingling with the wealthier people.
How they look at wealth is represented in this simple illustration. Managing wealth cover these four major areas. We can use a car with four wheels to describe the four areas.

Incomes, Expenses, Assets and Liabilities.

To get the car to run fast and stable, you need all four wheels to run smoothly, just like an All-Wheel-Drive vehicle. The rich take good care of each wheel to ensure they will reach the destination called financial success.

Once I learned this, everything changed…

Then I started to see my money grow. I accumulate assets like properties and good companies’ stocks and see my net worth increases every year. I am no longer afraid to borrow money at a low rate and leverage up my investment portfolio. Many people say it is risky to invest with borrowed money. But all the wealthy people I know owe a lot of money, especially to the banks.

It also changed the way I build my business. Instead of freelancing, and selling face-to-face, I structure a lifestyle business that can scale, easy to maintain and could possibly make money for many years to come even when I work less and less each year.

My life would never be the same again, and once you acquire this knowledge, the same will be true for you.
So what’s the secret?
How can you start to think like rich people?
What kind of financial knowledge do you need?

From a Broke Musician to Living a Freedom Lifestyle, it is all HERE...

Obviously. Learning this is what allowed me to go from a broke musician to living a freedom lifestyle. My family expenses increase many times faster than the rate of inflation because I am living in the USA now and go vacation almost every month. But rest assured that I accumulate more assets and make more incomes in the process to allow that to happen.


However, this doesn’t happen overnight.
The bottom line is that you cannot skip the process.

If you want to become a lawyer, you have to go through law school. If you're going to accumulate massive wealth, you have to learn how to invest profitably, by hoarding great income-generating assets like stocks and properties and cut away additional liabilities that bleed money.

How to Cut Your Learning Time to Acquire this Knowledge and Skills, from 20 years down to 1 year or Less

But 20 years is a long time, and I don’t want you to go through all these times I used to learn to acquire all this knowledge. Well, what if I walked you through the most crucial money skills I identified over the years?

And what if we could shorten your learning curve down from 20 years to just one year, or only a few months?

Well, today you are going to get that opportunity.
So here’s how we’re going to do that…

Say Goodbye to Money Ignorance, and Welcome to the one and only NETFLIX of Financial Training on Demand -
Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)

Since 2012, I had been hosting weekly online training without fail, to provide financial literacy programs to the Malaysian public. Every single session is recorded and put up on my website at

You can visit that page to check out all the past webinars I had done, featuring almost all of the financial experts in our country. We train subjects like stocks investment, property investment, cryptocurrency, gold and silver, debt management, tax planning, unit trust, and much more,
covering everything from increasing your incomes, cutting your expenses to maximising your assets and liabilities.

There are hundreds of hours of financial training complete with video streaming, video and audio downloads, spreadsheets, worksheets and PDF slides and notes.

The program is called “Premium Webinar Membership (PWM)”.

How it Works and Why You Can Absolutely Improve Your Finances with 100% Certainty

As one of the paid members, you will have unlimited access to the members' area, meaning that you can pick and learn from any of the recorded training, anytime, anywhere.

We know that going through hundreds of hours of training is overwhelming. In fact, you shouldn’t even try to watch everything.
We had compiled the collection of the best training identified and put it in the SMART START GUIDE.

So by the time you are done even with the very first few selected training, you’ll be financially much smarter than the majority of people.

And…if you act fast, you can trial run the program for 3 days, free of charge, but we’ll get more into that in a minute.

How You Can Learn all these Money Tips Systematically using the PWM Personal Finance Workbook

To assist you in your learning journey, we wish to hold your hand along the way. You can systematically learn using the PWM Personal Finance Workbook.

If you learn to do everything outlined in the workbook, we guarantee that you will see positive results in your finances.

Chen Keng Kaw

Dear KC,

Though I did not take up a CFP program, it helps me to understand the importance of financial planning by going through all the chapters as set out in your workbook.

This is just a beginning for me to appreciate the many aspects of financial planning and to correct my misconception on certain aspects of financial matters. I wish I could start this subject at a younger age as it was not taught in school.

Many thanks for your kindness to create this awareness, especially to the Malaysian community in order to know what is financial freedom irrespective of gender, age and race.

Chen Keng Kaw PWM Lifetime Member

Sample the Best Training You Don't Want to Miss

So if you’re tired of living paycheck to paycheck and you want to take control of your financial destiny…

And if you're going to acquire the ability to make more money, accumulate more assets and retire early, without going through the long process of learning every detail through trial and error, and making mistakes after mistakes, then this program is specifically for you.

So here’s how it’s going to work… let me walk you through, some of the best and mind-boggling training put up in the Premium Webinar Membership’s area:

Financial Calculator 101: Time Value of Money

Financial planners learn this stuff in the first module of CFP or RFP certificate. They have to spend two full days and thousands of ringgits to learn this.
But you can learn the most useful concept within 1 hour.
You will know what the future’s money is worth today, so you can evaluate where to put your money for the best return.

By the end of this training, you will never fall for the seemingly low-interest personal loan, and you will never be deceived by investment illustration that shows big numbers ever again. You will know how to use the financial calculator

Five Ways to Generate Passive Income

I teach you how to create and increase your passive income...
There are generally five ways to do that, and I show you the details of how you do it.
What are the two most important resources used to generate passive income?
Get it right, and you will see your passive income starts to build up. For those who get it wrong, they end up broke and have to wait for EPF withdrawal at age 55, and then getting broke again!

What Every Individual Has To Know About Filing Taxes

Another session you shouldn’t miss is provided by Richard Oon, a renowned tax consultant in Malaysia
You will learn how to take advantage of the exempt employment income as an employee.
You will learn to utilise your personal tax reliefs to the max fully.
By the end of the training, you will know how to pay less tax legally, and end up with more savings to acquire assets.

Essential Principles That Ensure Stock Investment Success

Next, you learn the essential principles that ensure stock investment success:
I show the most successful stock investment method proven over many decades of the excellent result by investment titans - called value investing.
You will learn the proven investment philosophy and the concept of margin of safety.
After you go through this, you will never see the stock market as a risky gambling casino anymore. And you will be comfortable to invest millions in the stock market, safely and profitably.

How to Read Financial Statements like a Pro?

Related to stock investment, you don’t want to miss this training by a seasoned analyst - How to Read Financial Statements Like a Pro.
We show you the five key figures to focus on in a financial statement and identify the patterns of a winning stock.
By the time you finish this training, you will know how to separate the good stocks from the bad and fraudulent companies.
You will follow along on our screen as the trainer show you how to put the numbers together to evaluate the stocks.

How to Do Your Own Research on Property Prices

Another training you don’t want to miss is about how to do your research on property prices.

You will learn how to discover the actual transacted sub-sale property prices.
How to analyse by specific area and building type?
How to do a detailed analysis on a specific project?
And even how to analyse by block numbers and unit numbers?

You don’t need any technical skills whatsoever. All you need to do is watch the video, and duplicate what we do, click–by–click. So at this point forward, you will be able to identify the undervalued property and know exactly what’s the reasonable price to pay.

The Dummies’ Guide to Building a Lifestyle Business

Here is another excellent training about lifestyle business ---
Do you want to have a business like mine, that lets you work from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection?
I show you the secrets in this training, the simple steps to building a lifestyle business from scratch.

What are the perfect products to sell?
What are the tools and capital required to start one?

By going through this training, you will want to have a business like this, knowing that I started this business with almost zero capital, that gives me the freedom to work anytime I like, from anywhere I want, and make more money than people who work 5-10 times harder than me.

How You Too, Can Acquire this Skill Set...

Alright… So I've shown you the way that you can absolutely accumulate wealth and enjoy financial success, even if you started with nothing.

You've seen that it's possible to look at your money grows for the long-term, and you can be the hero in your family's eyes by bringing them along on this journey toward financial success.

And you've also seen that there are many strategies and tactics to make more passive income, invest safely and profitably, and retire early if you want, without the need to sacrifice your health or the time you can spend with your family.

So if you're ready to acquire the ability to accumulate wealth and see it grows, and change your life forever in the process, here's how you can sign up for the training.

You can access all the training video in the next few minutes

All the video lessons are already waiting for you in the private members' area so you can get started today.
Your only job is to go through the training, follow along and implement those strategies in your life and see the positive impacts unfold in your future.
By the time you go through the very first few lessons I highlighted, you should have a clear idea of how to implement those plans and get better each day.
What about the price?

Why you need to acquire this knowledge NOW

The value for the Premium Webinar Membership is easily worth over RM100,000.
If that sounds expensive, keep this in mind…
✅ One investment mistake avoided, that could save you RM10,000
✅ One passive income stream created, you own it for life, possibly RM500/month
✅ One idea that reduces RM1800 taxes a year, you gain that every single year, for the rest of your working life!
✅ One stock investment worth keeping for the long term, you have a double-digit return that can fund your retirement, for decades.
✅ One under-valued property you find could be RM50,000 profit made instantly.

Furthermore, it would cost you easily more than RM5000 to attend a financial workshop conducted over a short weekend. PWM provides you with the training material of easily 20 times more than what you can get for a weekend workshop, for just a small fraction of that amount.

And whatever you learn, you own this incredibly valuable knowledge forever. Plus, you get to do unlimited replay or revisions!

One-Time Payment for LIFETIME Access

But the fact that you're still here reading this means you're actually serious about the success of your finances, so here's what I'm going to do….

My biggest thrill in life is getting letters from students like you who have gone through our work, and who have used it to change their lives.
So If you're eager to invest in yourself today, I'm willing to invest in you.
How about I give you full lifetime access with one time payment only?

But wait... I would let you try out EVERYTHING, without risking a sen!

Access everything in the next minute

To put that into perspective, you just saw a series of financial training I highlighted just now. Each one of the training has the potential of making you thousands of ringgits of extra profit or save many financial mistakes that would cost even more.

So would you invest some times to acquire this knowledge today? I hope so…

I want to make this a completely safe decision for you, without any risk whatsoever.

So I'm also going to give you refund GUARANTEE.

Guarantee Box icon-style-24

30 DAYS Money Back

First and foremost, I’m going to give you a no-questions-asked, 30-day money back guarantee.
Go through as many lessons as you can, especially the one recommended in the Smart Start Guide, within the first 30 days of your membership, and if you don’t see anyway to improve your finances, just contact my support team at, and they’ll give you a prompt 100% refund, within 24 hours.

Lifetime Access = No Further Payment Required for all Future Update

This is a Lifetime Membership. There will be no further payment required in the future. You will continue to enjoy the extensive training we put up each week. As long as I am still pursuing this mission to educate Malaysia public on financial literacy, you get lifetime access!

In other words, you will get continuous training and updates for life.

So here's how to get started...

I want you to click the JOIN button right now to join and when you do that, a fully secured checkout page will pop-up in a new window. Enter your payment details there.

After that, you'll receive your login details in a few minutes through email. So make sure your email address is correct.
And that's it.

Watch the welcome video to get started and follow along with the Smart Start Guide.

Alright… So to recap… When you join the Premium Webinar Membership today…
You're officially committing to a better financial future, with full access to the hundred hours of invaluable financial training archive I recorded since 2012, and keep adding new ones each week. Yes, you will learn various money strategies and tactics taught by the best trainers I can find in our country.

There is literally no risk, and no way you can lose here.

All you need to do at this point is click the JOIN button and go through the payment processing, and you'll get instant access to the PWM's area. If you change your mind at any point, you have my guarantee to back you up.

So, at this point, you've seen that it's possible to make more money, save money efficiently, accumulate wealth and retire early in Malaysia, even if you don't have much to start with, or even in substantial debt now.

And it's obvious that the PWM training archive will show you tonnes of money tips that' worth much more than the enrollment fee.

So I'd like to invite you one last time to participate in this priceless financial literacy program, so you can start to improve your finances, and change your life in the process.

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Join PWM Now

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Bank in the amount RM4997 to:

Bank: Maybank

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After making payment, please send an email to: (click this email link will open your email client)

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If you don’t want to pay us using credit card, please follow the following steps:


Bank in the amount RM4997 to:

Bank: Maybank

Account No: 5574 2905 1629


You can bank in cash, cheque (payable to "KCLAU DOT COM SDN BHD") or Internet banking transfer.


After making payment, please send an email to: (click this email link will open your email client)

Make sure you have the following info in your email:

  1. email title/subject: Order PWM
  2. your name:
  3. proof of payment (screenshot, scanned receipt, PDF etc)
  • Please wait patiently for our email that contains your login info. As we need to verify your payment before creating the account, it usually takes 3 working days. But sometimes you will receive our email sooner than expected.
  • Thanks for deciding to join the membership. You are protected with our 30 days money back guarantee. After trying us out for 30 days, for any reason whatsoever, up to and including “no reason at all” … you can contact us and get a 100% refund on your purchase instantly, within 24 hours, with no questions asked.

When you join now, you are going to get access to hundreds of financial training videos and notes in the next minutes.

You get my 30-day, 100% money-back guarantee so you can go through the entire program without any risk whatsoever for full 30 days.

This is a one-time payment membership. You will get lifetime access to the content put up on this website:, as long as we are still in business to provide financial education. Your PWM access will cover all future updates put up on this website.

What Makes Each Lesson So Powerful?

Why many PWM paid members join year after year

Aminnur Rasyid

"Before I joined PWM, I had bad debts and credit card problems. I am glad that PWM training guides me in many aspects of finance from debt management to investing. I can now manage my finances much better. I would recommend PWM for easy access to knowledge faster than reading books."

Aminnur Rasyid
admin officer from Ulu Tiram
Ong Sze Jiet

"I learnt how to read financial reports. The contents provided has been really good. Seeing KCLau walks the talk, makes me work hard for it. PWM provides financial literacy for the mass where it has not been taught in school."

Ong Sze Jiet
a geologist from Kota Kinabalu
 Thomas Khoo

"I barely make ends meet prior to joining PWM. I spent the remaining few hundreds ringgit I have to sign up in the hope to increase my financial literacy. I am happy that I got better understandings on many topics. Since then, I had bought my first stock and received dividends. PWM exceeds my expectation because the topics covered are vast and include many types of investment. I would recommend for education on financial literacy."

Thomas Khoo
an admin manager
Yong Kong Chit

"I was a salaried employee with no decent financial knowledge. I was worried about no time to go through PWM content. But after going through the training, I am happy that I have the knowledge of using financial calculators to calculate effective rates, and invest in REIT, mutual funds and plan my insurance. I recommend PWM for informative and practical contents with consistent updates."

Yong Kong Chit
a medical claims executive
Bushan Radhiburman

"I joined PWM because it is well-structured and I can follow the training at my own pace. I am able to rewatch webinars that I missed. Since then, I had started to settle my debts in a systematic manner. I also invest in REITs. The quality of the content and topic discussed exceed my expectation. I recommend PWM for the unbiased and neutral financial advice and insights, and content that is not sponsored like other platforms."

Bushan Radhiburman
a corporate trainer from Penang
Alex Yeap Yiu Lern

“Before I discovered KCLau’s PWM, I was like any other typical Malaysian with no financial knowledge, background and awareness on the importance of growing and preserving our wealth. My financial freedom realisation started when I recognised my difficulties in relying on my job to sustain my lifestyle, and the inadequacies I’ll be facing during my retirement years. Hence I started to ‘shop’ around for good financial education until I discovered KCLau’s website.

After going through PWM, I’ve learnt and discovered a lot of financial options and opportunities to grow my wealth. There is no single path that will be suitable for everyone, and yet PWM has shown me that we do have several options. My financial knowledge and confidence have significantly boosted ever since. And I’ve been consistently investing on every month (based on my available savings) until today.

I want to thank KCLau deeply as this is indeed the stepping board for many people to realise and to take ownership of their financial destiny. Without PWM, it would have been very challenging for a layperson to grasp even the most basic of finance concepts. PWM courses are invaluable and unique in the sense that it has many varying types of webinars/lessons available, and a wide variety of choices for everyone to select and follow to match to their strengths and preferences.”

Alex Yeap Yiu Lern system engineer & technical writer
Lee Wei Lou

“Through the PWM, I have learned the net worth of ourselves. After watching that video, I started to monitor my monthly expenses and plans before spending.
So, I have no credit card debt anymore. Spend within my monthly income really helpful. Without debt, I have less stress on my financial side. Learn not to overspending.

This lifetime membership is my best Christmas present. With this membership, I can learn more about investment and also for my personal growth as well.”

Lee Wei Lou Lifetime PWM Member
Lim Fuyee

The workbook is fun. It forced me to reinforce the knowledge shared by KC and other guests in the webinars. I gained a lot of insights on financial knowledge, tips for investment, good & new concept of investment through the exercise.

I always learnt something new while completing the workbook. Some of the exercises help me to reflect on my current financial situation, and encourage me to make changes for a better financial future.

Thanks for the great program, highly recommend to everyone.

The best features of PWM is that I could download the notes and material in PDF format. With that, I could read it while I am commuting to work in MRT/LRT.

Plus, I no longer need to attend the live webinar as I know I could replay the video later (easy for me as I need to juggle between family, works, and me-time 😉.)

Lim Fuyee Lifetime PWM Member

And you know what? I don’t even want you to take their word for it. Or mine.

Instead, I want you to check out Premium Webinar Membership for yourself…

Invest in Yourself Pays the Best Dividends ~ Benjamin Franklin

I've made sure this is an entirely safe decision for you to make, without any risk whatsoever, so click the link to get started.

I'm looking forward to helping you build financial security and achieve financial freedom.