One of the best ways to gather investment ideas is – ‘to be observant of recurring purchases that we make in our daily lives.’.

Suppose we pay to use a product or a service regularly. In that case, the company is likely a cash cow, and I would check to see if it is a subsidiary or an associate of a public listed corporation. If it is, I will proceed to study its business model and assess its fundamental qualities.

Of course, if I like the business and the valuation is proper, I would invest.

That’s what I did with Costco.

In this webinar, I presented a post-mortem case study on my investments in Costco.


  • An explanation of Costco’s Business Model
  • Revealing the Financial and Operational Statistics of Costco.
  • Its Investment Risks and Growth Opportunities
  • The Valuation at the Point of My Investments into Costco.
  • Aftermath: What Happened after I invested in Costco?


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    • MAX TAN 

      Hi KC, may I know how do the PWM member download the slide?

      • KCLau 

        I just added the link to the slide below the video. Please check it out again.

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