When I was in my early 20s, I recalled a time that RM 1 million is a million miles away. I was a pianist, earning less than a hundred bucks per performance right after graduating from a local university. Forget about RM 1 million. Even RM 10,000 is a figure that looked and felt like RM 1 million to me.

Fast forward today, I was blessed with a lot more.

As I reflected on my journey, I realised that most, if not all, that had attained their millions are earning multiple streams of income. It is the most common route taken by the rich and affluent and thus, is the Millionaire’s Income Playbook.

Thus, I’d roped in Ian Tai, my partner on this webinar to talk about income strategies of the rich and share our life stories as to how we earn these incomes:

  • Discover 10 Different Sources of Income that Millionaires Generate Today
  • Discussing the Pros and Cons of Each Sources of Income
  • Real Life Examples of How One Generates Each Sources of Income
  • Your First Step towards Building Multiple Streams of Income

Ian Tai
Ian Tai

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