I have a teenage son. As a parent, I would like to provide the best education possible for him to have a head start in life. Hopefully, he will have a great foundation to pursue his career, dream, and aspirations. I believe if you are a parent, you would like to do the same for your kids too.

Personally, I’m a proud graduate of UTM, a public university in Malaysia. We live in a globalized world where it is now possible to compare and opt for the best possible tertiary education that the world could. How do you decide where to send your kids to? How do we even start to think about it?

In this webinar, we featured CK Chiau, the Co-Founder of MyStudy, a tertiary education consultancy firm. We discussed the most important consideration if you intend to send your children overseas for tertiary education.

Some of the key highlights:

  • The Advantages of Having an Overseas Degree
  • Criteria to Select a Reputable and Suitable University
  • Course Options that are Available for Careers in Different Industries
  • Popular Global Destinations to Pursue Tertiary Education
  • What is the Cost of Tertiary Education, and Is it Worth it?


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