One of my favourite destinations as a tourist is Taiwan.

The people are friendly. Communication is easy. Food is awesome. The island as a whole is an exciting fusion of modern living and stunning nature. It is really no wonder why Taiwan is voted among the top tourist destinations in Asia. Today, I now make Taipei, its capital, as my current residence and I hosted and would be hosting families and friends when they come over to Taiwan for a visit.

I believe many of you would have already been familiar with Taiwan.

But, if you haven’t been to Taiwan and are planning your first trip, no worries.

In this webinar, I shared my own tricks and twists as to how you can plan out a sweet holiday in Taiwan. I would cover:

– 9 Things to Prepare Before Flying Off to Taiwan
– Touchdown: Transportation + Data + Communication
– Eat, See & Do: Experience the Local Taiwanese Culture
– Tips & Hacks to Travel Like a Pro in Taiwan

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