– Traditional Policy vs Investment Linked Policy: Which one is suitable for you?
– The Mechanism of Investment-Linked Policies.
– Minimum Allocation Ratio (MAR): What is it and how it affects your policy?
– Latest announcements from BNM in regards to MAR and Balanced Scorecard.
– The Future Outlook of the Life Insurance Industry in Malaysia


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    8 replies to "Recent Changes to an Investment-Linked Policy and How it Impacts You as a Policyholder"


      Hi, KC Lau, in the webinar mention about the way to calculate of my insurance need, may you share or do a webinar regarding that?


      The slide for premium of ILP and traditional is a bit confusing, as it was mention premium for traditional plan but insurance charges for ILP.

      Would like to clarify my doubt,
      Premium for traditional included: insurances expenses, direct distribution cost, insurance charges, policy fee
      Premium for ILP included : insurances expenses, direct distribution cost, insurance charges, policy fee, fund management fee, and NAV

      • KCLau

        For traditional plan, insurer don’t break down the items… so what you see is just the premium.
        For ILP, it is transparent and insurer break down everything so you can see it clearly in the statement.

    • Mark Tan

      I have signed in but everytime I come to this page, it shows I am not logged in, and so I can only view 15 mins of the video… there must be some bug on this page as it appears to be ok with the others

      • KCLau

        Thanks for informing the issue. Recently there is an issue with our website cache. However, your account is still good.

        Please follow this procedure to see if your problem is solved:
        1. Login first at: https://KCLau.com/webinar/login (check “remember me”, so you don’t have to login again in the next 30 days)
        2. Visit the page with the training video.
        3. If it is still showing the short video, hit the “refresh” button, or “Control”+”R” button, or “CTRL”+”F5”. See if it works. If not, try step 4.
        4. Open Google Chrome a new Incognito Window, then repeat step 1-3 above.
        Please reply to inform whether it works for you.

    • Wannie Lee

      If we have ILPs, is it advisable to switch to another protection policy as our age goes beyond 50? As I learnt the deeper fact of ILP that the insurance cost, etc will leap significantly.

      • KCLau

        Hi Wannie, ILP is a transparent policy as you only pay for the related insurance cost, according to your age.
        No doubt that the cost will go up. But you still get higher protection with lower premium.
        If you compare it with traditional whole life policy, higher premium is paid in early years, which means you already overpay since the beginning. The savings at the later years is from the earlier overpayment.

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