Is 2023 a good year to buy real estate?

Well personally, as one who invests in real estate, I would say the ‘best time’ for one to invest in properties was yesterday. The second ‘best time’ is today. Then, the worst time to get into properties will be tomorrow.


Think about it. Many properties that were bought or invested some 10-20 years ago had already 2x or even 3x in prices. Many of such owners are now making a steady stream of net rental income from these properties.

But, with that being said, not all properties are investment worthy. It is ideal for property buyers and investors to check out certain trends prior to deciding on a piece of real estate.

Hence, I have invited David Chee, REN of Reapfield Malaysia, to brief us on the following:

  • Macro Market Conditions
  • Potential policies in play for the property market
  • Latest Property Buyer Trends
  • Latest House Price Trends
  • Case Studies: 3 New Property Development Launches


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    • KCLau 

      Hi Louis, thanks for informing about the issue.
      Your account is rectified already. Let me know if it works for you.

    • KAMRUL 

      I think it will be helpful full for us.

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