K.C. Chong
K.C. Chong

Expert: K. C. Chong is a qualified and experienced finance and investment professional. He is a successful investor in the stock market following fundamental approach with proven and traceable long-term records of extra-ordinary returns with low risk.
He has written 219 educational and stock picks and detail analysis articles in i3investor in the last two and a half years, with 2.1 million views, and a number of portfolios set up there since 3 and a half years ago, all with super extra-ordinary returns. Check out his popular page here:

– Save and invest wisely: can anyone get rich investing in bank deposit?
– How to invest some good businesses when they are selling cheap
– Investment Options: invest on your own, unit trusts, managed funds
– The super investors of Graham and Dodd
– How to avoid the pitfalls of investing: rumours, hot tips, hypes and fads
– What is value investing? Does it work? What are the evidences that it works?
– Case studies
– Some equity investment strategies
– Opportunities in equity investment, at home and in regional markets.


    6 replies to "How to Build Long Term Wealth Surely and Safely"

    • Panch Ratnavale

      Dear Mr Chong,

      I am new to investing and have been following your articles and blogs on i3 investor. Along the way I have got burnt and lost my way investing in the stock market. After finding out that you provide a tutorial programme online, I am very interested to learn the right procedures and processes in investing i.e – interpreting financial reports, growing wealth and improving my knowledge. Appreciate if you could give me more details about your programme as I am interested to sign up.

      Hope to hear from you soon.

      kind regards,

      Panch Ratnavale

    • Elaine Lai

      i have problem in download the video.

    • KCLau

      Hi Elaine, I just tested the link and it works for me.
      Can elaborate the problem you face after clicking the download link?

    • Hiu Yat

      I want to ask how do you create an account or membership?

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