As an investor, I’ve been studying Buffett and his investment principles & strategies for years.

The reasons are simple.

First, Buffett is a billionaire, among the richest people in the world. Today as I write, most millionaires and billionaires are stock owners (investors), not traders. Their wealth is built, grown and sustained in the long run.

Second, Buffett has an impressive investment track record, compounded his (and investors’) wealth by 19.8% a year (1965-2022). It’s one thing to make 50% in Year 1 and lose money in the following year. But to have as much as 19.8% in CAGR for almost 60 years, that’s hard to beat.

Third, as impressive as his returns are, Buffett’s strategies are simple. To him, it’s about accumulating good businesses for the long-term. Such are simple to learn and replicate. This is evident as investors worldwide have successfully built sound portfolios adopting his strategies.

So here, I will demonstrate and share how we could use features inside POEMS by Phillip Capital Singapore to screen and filter fundamentally solid stocks for long-term investments.

– Unlock Warren Buffett’s Secret Sauce: Dive deep into the legendary investor’s criteria for selecting winning companies.

– From Theory to Practice: Learn how to apply Buffett’s principles to your own stock-picking strategy, transforming complex criteria into simple, practical steps.

– Master the Art of Screening with POEMS: Get a hands-on demonstration of using Phillip Capital Singapore’s premier trading platform, POEMS, to filter stocks like a pro based on Buffett’s criteria.

– Exclusive Step-by-Step Guide: A special segment by a Phillip Capital Singapore representative revealing the straightforward process of setting up your trading account, tailored for newcomers.

– Empower Your Investment Journey: Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to make informed investment decisions.

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      I can’t play this video on Leveraging Buffett’s Acquisitions Criteria why?

      • KCLau 

        Thanks. We are troubleshooting now.

      • KCLau 

        It should work now. Give it some times to load. Or you can also download the video file and playback later.

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