Pardon me.

I find most people will eventually lose money from investing.


Simple. This is because most people invest ad-hocly for short-term gains. Today, it happens in all markets, be it stocks, real estate, commodities, unit trust, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies. In most cases, they were bought out of greed and lust for quick profits, not out of proper planning and due diligence.

As such, they hurt our retirement funds.

Let not that be you.

So in our next 1-Hour Live Webinar Session, we’ve brought in Mr. Yap Ming Hui, the leading authority in holistic wealth management to talk about:

– How much will you need to fund a comfortable retirement?
– Potential challenges in selecting the right investments?
– The financial impact caused by poor investment decisions.
– The gold standard in selecting investments for retirement lifestyle funding.
– Case study and analysis of popular investment products


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