Let’s say, you have a condominium unit.

You knew that you could rent it out for RM 2,000 a month.

But lately, you found out that a few unit owners within your condominium have converted theirs into AirBnB units and charge RM 200 in daily rents. You figured that if they can secure occupants to reside in their units for 20 days each month without fail, their monthly income would be RM 4,000, 2x your rental income.

The question is, ‘Is this worth it?’

In this webinar, I had invited William Lim, CEO of IdealHub, an online rental service platform, which is now managing 130 properties and as much as 200+ rooms in listing in Malaysia, to share more on this topic. Here are the key points for our discussion:

  • Is your property unit suitable for short-term rental like AirBnB?
  • The pros and cons of operating a short-term rental business model.
  • Should I operate this by myself or should I outsource it to other operators?
  • Potential risks involved and methods to mitigate them.
  • Live discussions. FAQs and many more.


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