Are you heavily in debt?

Are you paying 50% or more of your income to service your debt?

Are you struggling to service all of your loan commitments today?

If the above describes you today, life sucks as it seems like an endless repetitive cycle of you, working hard, earning income, which you’ll only give most of them to your banks. You do this day-in day-out, every month, year-after-year and you may wonder when you will be able to save something for yourself, if any at all.

So, is that your lot in life?

Well, it doesn’t have to be. In this webinar, Ng Ka Hoe, a seasoned RFP & Founder of J Advisory shared how he has helped turnaround his clients’ financial fortune despite them starting off desperate with tons of debt.

  • What is Debt Consolidation?
  • How does it Help Improve Your Monthly Cash Flows?
  • How to Obtain a Second Lease on Your Financial Life?
  • Live Case Study: Actionable Steps to Rebuild Your Finances for 2021


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