On 12 July 2022, EPF launched i-Lindung, an initiative which allows its members to buy life and critical illness insurance policies at affordable prices. We view this favorably as insurance is a key component to proper financial planning. One should have sufficient life, medical and critical illness coverage to face several potential financial calamities, if any arises.

Thus, together with Ian, my partner, we have studied the policies that are made available under i-Lindung. Here is what we covered:

  • Purpose & Practicability: Why do We Buy Life Insurance Policies?
  • Products: What Policies are Available under i-Lindung?
  • Premiums: i-Lindung vs Investment-Linked Policies
  • People: Who is Suitable to Buy Policies under i-Lindung?
  • Payment: How Best to Pay for Policies under i-Lindung?


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