Can you afford to have kids?

This question is daunting. It overwhelms newly-weds who have limited financial capabilities but are consciously aware of the expenses to expect and raise a kid. To name a few, they include gynae visits, nannies, childbirth, insurance, diapers, milk powder, toys, pram, car seat and supplements. These are to be incurred by expecting parents while they manage the ongoing increase in living costs.

So, in response to this, should newly-weds:

– Have kids later or don’t have kids at all?
– Seek additional financial support from their respective parents?
– Compromise on the above expenditures?

Here, there is option 4.

In this webinar, Ernest Tan, Master Money Coach, CFP, and Author of Raising Financially Savvy Kids shared some practical moves, tips, and strategies on how to overcome all these financial challenges especially if you are looking to start or expand your family anytime soon.


  • A bird’s eye view on key expenses to expect during pregnancy.
  • 9-Month Roadmap for easy financial preparation leading to childbirth.
  • How to maintain a comfortable lifestyle even after your child’s birth?
  • Tax reliefs and rebates to take note of.
  • How to offer financial security to your newly expanded family?


Financial educator, author and trainer

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