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Expert: Miichael Yeoh has over 20 years of experience in property, mortgage and investment industry. He is currently the CEO and founder of GM Training Academy. You can follow Miichael at his website: http://www.miichaelyeoh.com/

– How can the tightening policy by Bank Negara affects you?
– 3 mistakes most borrowers do.
– Why do banks reject a loan?
– What can you as a borrower do to ensure the banks approve your loan?
– How to choose the right loan package?


    5 replies to "How to Make the Bank to Say “YES” to You?"

    • Chai Pheng

      DSR is calculated as total debt/ net income. Bank is calculating applicant’s dsr based on ccris report. However, ccris only shows the outstanding balance & limit without showing the monthly repayment amount. May i know how the total debt is calculated then? tq

      • KCLau

        Usually, bankers will based on your current age to estimate the tenure and the installment.

    • Chai Pheng

      any detail how the bank estimate the tenure & what is the interest rate that they use? if they are based on estimation meaning to say they might have significant difference fr the actual repayment amount?

      example. Loan 100k at 10 yrs at 4.5% with monthly repayment 1k from bank A. Is it possible for bank B to estimate it as Loan 100k at 30yrs at 4.5% which shows repayment (debt) of 500 only??

      • KCLau

        Hi Chai Peng,

        You are right that banks might get your installment wrong. So for experienced banker, they will ask you to show proof of the exact amount of your installment. If the real installment is higher than the estimation, experienced bankers might keep quiet. But if the real amount is lower then the estimated, they will show the proof and help you get the loan.

    • Chai Pheng

      Oic.. really tx for ur explanation! 🙂

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