Decades ago, I tried to ‘goreng’ stocks when I was a university student.

I thought it to be a fast way to make money in the stock market. Soon enough, I realised that ‘goreng’ stocks is the fastest way to lose money in the market. This was possibly the biggest financial blunder that I made at that point in time.

Fortunately, this mistake turned out to be a blessing. The loss ignited my desire, focus and passion to be smarter with investments. Over years since then, I have discovered value investing via books and handwritten letters by Warren Buffett. Of which, I put the concepts to practice and they had significantly improved the investment performance of my portfolio.

During this webinar, I shared the concepts of value investing and why I believe that it is still relevant today. Content:

  • The Origin of Value Investing
  • How Investors Compound Wealth in the Long-Term via Value Investing?
  • Revealing the 3-Step Investment Strategy
  • Introducing 3 Different Approaches to Value Investing


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